If you have a lot of tabs open in Chrome mobile and want to copy them to another device or just keep a list of their addresses, there is no easy "Bookmark all" feature unlike the desktop version. So what to do? The only option is account sync. Install Chrome on a desktop computer and set up sync on both the desktop and iPhone/Android version of Chrome. Right after you sign in, you can press the "Settings" link to disable sync of everything but open tabs if you like. Don't worry, this doesn't overwrite your current tabs, it just lets you see tabs open from other devices in a menu.

Now comes the tricky part, open tab sync doesn't actually sync a list of every open tab. It will only sync tabs that were recently open. So you must open every tab on your mobile Chrome to get them to show up on the desktop version of Chrome. (Rememer you can swipe the tab bar to quickly go through tabs on Android.) Now go to the history page in Chrome desktop and select "Tabs from other devices". Then you can press the three dot menu and select "Open all", then press Crtl+Shift+D (or Clover+Shift+D on Mac) to bookmark all tabs.

If the "Open all" option doesn't work, Chrome is already trying to open your tabs and repeatedly clicking it will soon freeze your machine when Chrome attempts to open dozens of tabs at once. You can wait, or try to sync a third instance of Chrome with only two tabs open, then "Open all" for those two tabs. That might cause both sets of tabs to open in their own windows.

Once you have all your mobile tabs bookmarked in a folder on desktop, you can export them if you like. Since Chrome only has an "export all" option, you will need a workaround if you want to only export the folder of mobile tabs. Make a new user on desktop Chrome and drag the folder of bookmarks to them, then you can export all from that user.

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